Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photography Tryout

Man it was just only my second day of holding my Canon EOS and i had already been runnig all around the city to capture and practice some of the basic skills.
I still an amateur and i am worried that i can't reach up to the standard.

Luckily i always have a build-in counter for those that are to comment on my pictures. Positive are always my best motivation for me to keep on moving and moving.

So this picture are chronology for the day. I left house in the noon and come back home at night. Exhausted and my back was pain due to the manual driving on traffic jam. I which i would have an auto car now.

I start my day off to Ariel's Sister newly open saloon. I still owe her an advertisement post but i going to do it perhaps when i am free enough. :D

Iphone 3G3

I got my new hair cut and i am ready for my awesome trip to everywhere. It was the first time i let her cut my hair and i am fully satisfy. I was doubtful but now i know she is good.

My Canon eos 550d

Playing with the close up focus

Testing some of the angle shoot

Obviously she was not happy with my camera because now i stab pictures of everything, every second.

Garlic bread, i shifted down the focus part and it seems that i only focus the front part of the bread.

After a good lunch and a walk, i meet up with Derek which is also a DSLR owner for quite sometime. I asked for his mentoring in photography and this is what we got went we take a walk at the part.

All fallen flowers are free from stress

Gave you a stick and you throw it away.

It does look like the road not taken

High shuttle speed with lower ISO creates a stand still image.

Low shuttle and high ISO creates a Dreamy effects on the water movement.

After along walk at the park, its time to say goodbye and i had another dinner session with 2 of my crazy university mate.

Fork and Spoon. Once again i am testing out the close up.

There are tones pictures that i didn't manage to post it out here. Currently i am rushing up and down to travel everywhere i can. I afraid i might not have enough energy to party!

IF you do notice i am actually planing to move my blog over to a new URL because i always wanted to and my dad suggested me to change it because the neverwin wasn't a good 'fongshui'.

I am still practicing my photography skills and this pictures are from the second day of me having my dslr only. So nothing to be surprise if it is very weird or not good quality.

Shin chan photography

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