Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sabahan Nuffnangers Tiny Gathering

I think this would be the first time for us Nuffnanger in Sabah to come out from their cave and meet up in a tree house with a West Malaysia blogger,Shah. He is the the President of Glitterati plus which is speciall for Glitterati Nuffnangers hailing from

To be honest, I never read his blog before but i heard of his blog before some where around a tea of coffee table talk. Maybe i am not a teh tarik person, i don't get to read his blog before. ;)

Nuffnang is a advertisement company which you can always noticed their advertisement banners appear on the right side of my blog or interval post. They set advertisement in our blog so we could earn money from it.

So if you are a blogger and you had some free space for them, why not let them set up advertisement and perhaps you can earn abit from blogger? :)

The gathering were pretty tiny because only a hand full of bloggers appeared which i never heard of their blog before or even stumble across their blog. 

One thing i am impressed of, there was this young girl appeared among the adults. I doubt if i am at her age my parents would let me attend such gathering, let along a gathering with total stranger. Her parents was there to accompany her the whole night and i guess her parent must be very sporting. ;)

Do check her blog out at She got a better post review on the gathering than me.

Shin Chan