Monday, November 8, 2010

Stompin Sabah 2010 was a Blast

There is no doubt that Stompin' Sabah was the biggest and hype up party in Sabah, i was there last week 6 November sponsored by Nuffnang with 10 VIP tickets! They are really generous, thank you Nuffnang!

Proudly holding our ten VIP tickets and showing it off.
That night there were security doing body checking before everybody got inside, it was quite safe to be there.

Got X got got Shin Chan and Derek!

Here you are the double X men team doing a jump shot for X pax.

I was there with 3 other bloggers, Derek, Sylvia and Mei Tzeu. Do click their blog and see what they had to say about Stompin' Sabah.

It was an extraordinary experience to party in the rain and we all got soaking wet for the whole night. I forget to bring my cap along and i don't like to be under the umbrella because i am just too tall to share with others so i go under the rain and party like a rock start. :D

I know some of you guys saw the teaser video that i made on my previous post, and now is the time for picture.

 The VIP were served well by the organizer with food carbonated drinks to mild alcoholic drink. Like a baby got his candy, you can noticed me smiling like a crazy man.

I brought two other friends along to join the party and they were given free VIP tickets by me.

There difference between VIP and arena tickets was VIP get to go upfront so near to the stage where you can feel the band sweat and saliva shooting at you like a beautiful drizzling rain drop. 

Here's the view that i have been seeing for the whole night, i was so wet with the rain but i still kept on jumping up and down. I was in Euphoria state!

Luckily they brought umbrella for us and this guy over here was the body guard of the night. He look brutal enough right? Don't mess with him.

 Starbuck was there to join the party.

We were all like a kid that night having fun and enjoyed our drink.

We didn't know Jin from was the Mcee for the night until he start to talk upfront and introduce himself. We gone instantly mad and rush to the front to snap pictures of him.

He did a good job screaming out loud up on stage.

I think we were so high that we ignore the fact that the rain was getting heavier and heavier.

There were so many band up and artists up on stage that night but we were throw away by Shawn Lee beat box performance. I always wonder how good he was because i never see him perform in real until that night when i saw him performed, i had to keep my mouth shut and say he is Amazing! His inhuman beatbox sound like a real bass at some point.

You can't even differentiate which one is a bass and which one is his voice. He put those Machine to shame that's for sure.

 The man of the night, Shawn Lee! Kick start and fire up the party like nobody business. I wish i could have a close up picture with him. I pretty sure he is a friendly guy.
Sylvia was so damn lucky to get a picture with Shawn Lee

I'm so tired jumping up and down. It is really tired being upfront of the stage because the audio system bass were so strong that i can feel my jeans vibrating. *sound wrong :S*

I end this post with Shawn Lee beat boxing performance taken by Mei Tzeu.

Isn't he amazing? Young and talented.

Do check out my video that i took that night. I made some editing. too bad the lighting wasn't that good and we made some error. It was my first time editing a video.

Once again thank you to Nuffnang and Celcom for sponsoring us there and i hope to see you guys again next year. I hope the staff over at nuffnang would take a look what we had in Sabah and perhaps come to Sabah to host a blogger event in future. :D

Shin Chan


  1. stompin sabah 201o make our wet wild nite.