Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stop Child Abuse


Child Abuse is not something new and it has been happening for ages already. Let us raise our hand and stop child abuse now. We are the wise one, the great one and the people favorite to help the weak one, the lonely one and the innocent children all around the world.

So what is child abuse? Anything that harm a child whether it is  verbally or physically, it could be by scolding them without any reason or just whoop them out badly.

There are 4 things i don't wanna see how a child got abuse. Just check out the video and you will know what i mean. Action speaks louder than words.

Now say you are tired and you are not in the mood to talk with your child or any other child.

It's really rude to treat children that way, i know they love to ask alot of question but we as adult should answer them patiently.

You don't want people go do this to a kid which is laying around.

Imagine those pillow are hard objects like wood or metal. You also don't want people abuse the children that way too..

I would not be able to imagine how much pain a child would be in.

Now those are the 4 things you don't wanna see happening to a helpless child right? OH come on! he is just a kid! you don't wanna go wrestling with him after you came back from work or having a bad day at somewhere else right?

By the way this is a Charity post and in courtesy of Sony Malaysia, 3 unit of Sony Cybershoot would be given out to weekly best blogger.

I doubt i would got it anyway so i just wanna share and send the massage across the community. So just save them and help them. Children are cute and innocent and they are our future generation.

Photo courtesy of KMY
We wouldn't them to grow up in a violent environment. Save them to create a better future.

If you see anyone that abuse children, they are just some coward. Ask them to fight with someone who is at their size or larger. Show them who is the man. If i meet people like that i would just give them people elbow.

Shin Chan Charity

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