Saturday, November 20, 2010

Top 10 Questions to Me

I am sure some of you would be facing the frequent or silly questions all the time. We might be tired or bored with those questions. So am i.
So here are the Top Ten Questions that people asked me before.

Top 1
Are you a Korean? 
Answer :  No i am a pure blood Chinese. Their reaction would be so surprise and confused. It happen everywhere i go.

What do you think? Korean look a like? 

Top 2
How tall are you?
Answer: I am standing 6 feet sharp with 184 - 186cm. Their reaction would be, WOW really! Omg you're so tall. please bend down when take picture. -.-

Top 3
Do you speak English/Chinese?
Answer :  Off course what do you think? -.- Some people that first started listen when i speak English would thought i don't know how to speak Chinese well. It do happen in opposite way too.

Top 4
Why don't you go to a better gym instead of staying at this low class gym?
Answer : Arnold Schwarzenegger workout in such low class gym too. So i don't see the difference at the higher class gym.

Top 5
Do you smoke?
Answer : Check out my shining white teeth babe! :D

obviously i don't wanna show it out because it's too shiny

Top 6
Do you drink?
Answer :  i'm a lousy drinker. Nobody believe this but it's true.

Top 7
Are you addicted to certain types of games?
Answer : No, i am not a game freak. The only time i play game is when i am stress and i wanna shot some zombie in left for death game and call of duty.

Top 8
Why you don't give up after so many injuries?
Answer : I won't stop if i don't achieve my dream.

Top 9
Do you drive?
Answer :  No, i fly. :)
What kind of question is this? Offcourse i drive!

Top 10
Do you have a brother?
Answer :  Yes i do have a brother.
Their reaction would be. YESH!
How old is he? 
Answer :  13 year old.
Their reaction would be. damn.....

So there you go the Top 10 question and i think there would be more to come it's just that i can't really recall now.

Another question that i know every girl would be wondering in their mind but dare not ask me.

Do you have anyone in your mind at the moment?
Answer : Yes there is. :)

Thats all for today special post



  1. bahahahahaha.. "will you bend down for me plsss~ :3" damn, i cannot forget that wey... xD

  2. the first question is definitely for sure will come on u !! the first day i saw u, i never though you are local, just think of r u come from china ?! cause i pretty sure UMS dont have any from korea. HAHAHA !

  3. looks like we're getting to know you :)

  4. 小佩 hahaha. I rather people say i look like korean than look like China people.

    Cjy : please don't remind me about it. hahahaha

  5. Hi ken! haha. yeap. thanks dropping by man. i didn't expect to see you dropping a comment here. :D