Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Uniqlo Tee

Some of you might already know what is Uniqlo. It's a brand new concept shop from Japan newly open at Farenheit 88 across Pavilion KL shopping mall. I heard that their queue to the shop was so long until people have to wait for hours and hours. It was that hype.

Uniqlo Website

Their fashion style is based on Japan and i wonder how can they sell those thick winter cloths over here. I guess we just need to wait for summer to arrive and we will be able to enjoy lots of nice Japanese style cloths.

I joined their game and won 4 RM20 voucher and since i couldn't use it in time so i just gave it to a friend of mine. It was pretty cheap and with the voucher in use, it is even cheaper.

I received the parcel on my exam time and it seriously relief my stress. I didn't notice the parcel was at the side of my study table until i start to find for my books. Immediately, i know it must be from my good friend. Thank you! :D You're such a amazing friend, crazy some times yet still consider normal. We had laugh and fun all day long. 

UT philosophy was 'A t-shirt is more than a t-shirt. it's an expression of who you are. Where you have been . What you love.' 
I wonder what happen if i walk down the street and bump into someone else which had the same t- shirt with me.

Should i say?
HEY! We been to the same place! We love the same thing! and We had the same expression!

No mocking around. I should be grateful to get this ever though i am few hundred miles from KL.

For your information, this particular shirt is the new color to me. I never had sort of baby blue color shirt one me before.

Shin Chan


  1. haha, quite cute la when saw you wear that baby blue shirt~

  2. Lai : thanks man
    Racheal : haha thanks racheal. thats really kind of you to share the online store link. i didn't know it can be order from UK. wonder how does the postage charge would be.

  3. wahhhh so sweeeeeeeeeeeet hor ur "friend"! hahahah :P