Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awesome December

DECEMBER - Favorite Month of the year where all my friends come back home from around the world. To be specific my high school classmate. I can never ever find anyone else to replace them and our bond are form tight and seal with fork.

It's like a ritual for us to unite and raise our fork. To remain us of our brotherhood.

We practice liberty freely and we don't do back stab. If there is anything we will speak out freely in front for the sake of others.

Although we all know that 男人不坏女人不爱. We are still friends and never fight over a girl.

If we do fight over a girl, we just gonna resolve it with a Gun to Gun challenge. 

These is what we do when we are free. We clashed into Kevin house to play and eat the whole day. Except for this adorable yet fierce dog, everything was fine. 

While the lawyer and business man are playing their game, i am busy making the ice cream for the others.

Among our batch, she is the other Food Science & Nutrition student. Luckily there is another one that take the same course like me, or else i would be bored.

Cute stuff 

Lau Ying's  Pinocchio  shoes. 

Gken signature look.

They are single shy guy

Awesome friends. Without them i wouldn't be where i am today. They are really consistent in mocking me for blogging and it works like an opposite remedy and gave me a lift up spirit to blog even more. LOL

I'm just joking. i believe we bond better friendship with our highschool friends. No matter how far we go or how far we have move on in our life, there will be a point where you will return back to how it was when it was in high school.

By the way, i felt weird ever since i start to use my DSLR. My eyes start to favor high resolution or pixel pictures and it can easily spot weakness on my lousy pictures or others. 
I even felt that my laptop screen got problem some times. :S 

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