Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Celebration 2010 Gaya Street

I kick start my Christmas Spirit a month ago and Christmas doesn't appear just 2 days on Dec but the whole month for me! It was really random of us to stop by at the Christmas decoration and winter house at Padang Merdeka KK. I think it was a Celcom Sponsored Christmas decoration.

It will be there until 2Jan 2011 so be fast to head down there.

Another random outing with

Did you notice the big X up on top of the Christmas tree? it's a Celcom logo. You guys might be wondering why does the picture look so blurry and the light look so bright.

Here is the tips.
It was an accident that i got my filter lens blur up because my car aircon was too cold.
When i step out from my car, it was filled with thin layer of moist like what will happen to your specs.
Next, i use 800ISO with low shuttle speed. WALA!

There were some trees for us to hang our wishes.

I finally found a crystal ball that is clear enough to make a good reflection shot.

Here is the best part, they got indoor winter house with alot of snowman inside.


They got snow inside the winter house but it was actually just foam.

I was still in black eye mode due to lack of rest and sleep.

The little girl was adorable. She saw me in the house and come join me in the pictures and kept on saying hello hello hello. :D cool kid love her.

I don't know why but i always have the same thoughts when i am going out with her. It will be always me suggesting a new place to clash and she will always tell me she was thinking the same thing too. I guess it is a good thing. :)

Kopi Ping a new cafe in town Damai area. I didn't manage to try their main course food but i did try something fattening.

My all time favorite ice cream waffles. :D their waffles isn't that nicely baked because it was too crunchy and they should have add up more chocolate syrup. Overall, still acceptable.

One thing i do admire is their friendly and smart service. The aunty boss warm and sincere smile at us all the time and a Smile is all it takes to brighten up a person day. Now this is what i call good public relationship. Unlike Upperstar waiter and waitress, a smile from them is like going to cost them a million bucks and it look fake as if they got some facial cramp on their face.

I just got my 1st Semester result and it wasn't as good as i predicted. Every subject seem to be downgrade from what i predicted. Well, i am very sure this is not the last of it, the year 2011 is going to be my year and i hope other coursemate would just shut up and be thankful for what they got for their result. :) *dreadful smile*

I am going off to Mount Kinabalu and Kudat for a day or two for some peace. I just got my tripod and i believe this time i can shoot a better view at night. I hope i can bring back some of the best pictures you would ever seen in my blog.

Shin Chan


  1. The christmas tree is so nice! It seems like you had a great christmas (:

  2. yea! its really nice. thanks yi han! sorry for the late reply. just got back from another trip. :)