Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Heat

Everywhere i go i start to notice more and more Christmas decoration. All these beautiful decoration ignite a hidden feeling of mine that i have been always held it back inside me.

Like a lost wolf wonder in the wildness, i now question myself "what do i really want for Christmas?"
I search high and low, deep and far off horizon. I even took my loyal DSLR along with me to seek for the ultimate thing that i really want for Christmas, but i didn't manage to find anything that i like too.

Where we go, we don't need path. Where i go, i create my own path. There are no such thing as i lost direction in my life but only i'm tired of finding direction in my life.

Anyway, i am depressed because my home internet wifi is down for more than 24 hours and i had to blog from a restaurant wifi. There are so many post that i haven been able to write about and i am now prepare for my next trip to KL.
I had to sit down and write down all the post that i am going to write so i could keep track on it and write it again when the line is back.

Someday i am going to nuke the streamyx centre for doing this to me.

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