Friday, December 17, 2010

City Harvest

Each time when i am in Sunway i got to make myself to attend City Harvest church service because their pastor is really really inspiring. To be honest i have been skipping my place church service for more than 2 months already.
To my surprise after travel so far to Sunway and i heard that i have been looking for at City Harvest church. It was that special moment when God words speak to me and ask me go front to venture.

I remembering hearing the pastor to asked us go fore and be creative in life. Do not be ashame of failure do not be scare of different. Just do what is it necessary to achieve your dreams.

The back story was, i am 21 year old now and actually it was like another transition in life to me. Different from when we were younger in SPM, those day i don't really think the transition was big enough. These day around my age i often meet up 3 types of people.

 One would be people that starts to earn at around my age, another would be people that study hard for their degree and the last one would be people that doesn't know what do they want in their life.

I am in second type of people but my mind are starting to be like the first type of people. I was constantly being told by good friends that don't compare but it just happen naturally. From the power of spending to the power of enjoying. Which doesn't touches money?

Come to another question in my life. how can i study and earn well in the same time? Almost impossible unless you're the facebook creator. :S

Whatever you think God can do it, you can do it too. God is elohim also the creator. Some times we don't need to do things because you need too. Change and be a problem solver and don't strive to be irreplaceable. Our growth in God is not linear but organic.

Sometimes, people are so thrifty that even i felt like the poorest guy in the world. I hate the feeling of not unable to spend and i had to reuse some of the thing.

Like a butterfly their direction and path doesn't need others to decide. I constantly need to remain myself that everybody got their own way of finding their own successful path in life. I also fix a notice board or a memo in my brain to keep my aware that, life is not about money. All these are to avoid me from falling into the darkness of money.

Now this is what i call money can play tricks in your mind.

The highest floor where all the gadjets stores are, inside there is a small cafe that serve really good food. i was told that the owner is a Christian and he provides small comfy rooms for cellgroup to gather up.
The beef patty was amazing.

Empire Mall twister slides was amazing. :D

So life is just like an endless twister. If i say that i wish to be rich i am just a mere empty dream but now i am going to say i had make up my own plans and my own ways to get some good earning money in future and in the same time study hard as well.

Picture of the day goes to Eunice. :D

Shin Chan

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