Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comic Fiesta | KL Time Square Part 1

I think this is the luckiest trip i ever made to kl. I managed to make it to so many events in just 9 days.
I always read about Comic Fiesta from magazine and newspaper and i never imagine i will be there to witness it myself how amazing it was.Forget about KK hobbycon and any other cosplay show because this is the only one you really want to pay attention to. :D

The annual Comic Fiesta was held at the 14 floor hotel Time Square event hall.

Note : My knowledge for Anime series is really limited so please just bare with me if i got the character wrongly. I watched  Gundam, Fullmetal Alchemist, ah my godness, bleach, naruto, slam dunk, fairy tail and some other basic anime only. 

I wasn't sure how amazing it was because when i was there it was still early.

First we meet a friendly model girl at the entrance. She gave us lots of candy until it made my dslr bag exploded. :S

Super Mario and the family. I played mario when i was small but i never get to save any of the princess or kill of their boss.

Thank you  Yoong Lim for fetching me to time Square.

Mario guy was really nice and sporting. He said we are really tall and he was not really happy about it. He wanted to change to white version of mario so he can shoot us with fire balls. :S

A cosplay from Sahah! They came all the way here to KL just to join their competition i assumed. i am still not sure what is her character but i can see her armor was really heavy and she have to move really carefully so her wings doesn't get spoil.

Here is the whole group of cosplayer from Sabah. :D make us proud babe!

If motor show girl called motor girl so what do we call game show girl? Game girl? :D
They are promoting RO game which i use to play and i am still now.

I can barely breath when i was inside there. :S YL almost fainted too.

Yuki Kuran and Kaname Kuran from "Vampire Knight"


I wasn't sure which character is he, he is holding two light saber from star wars for sure. 

‎"Black Rock Shooter"

no idea

Right, Cherly Lo from KK.

Maybe i should be in the cosplay of ichigo. i'm a big fan of bleach after all. 

We love counter strike so YL think of posing with a CS guy and he decided to grab a scissor and tried to threated him.

Luck wasn't on his side until the CS army got annoyed and tried to shoot him. Serve you right YL. LOL

The first time when i meet Mr Box i felt like giving him a good ass kicking and candy whooping ass!

In the other hand, YL love Mr box so he felt like giving him a squeezing hug.

She is really familar, i can't recall her anime.

Death Note Death God

Batman Joker

I am well aware that most of the pictures doesn't have name for their anime character but i wish if there is anyone of you out there know about their character just drop comment or just msg me in my facebook with the name Hayden Chan or chanqingsheng@hotmail.com

I will be glad to add name inside your pictures or even tag you in if you are the person on the picture. 

I think there will be another 2 more parts for Comic Fiesta and probably i will get it done over the week. 

I promised you these pictures are just warming and teaser. There are funnier and more EPIC pictures :D

Shin Chan


  1. hahaha really?! didn't see dao you. haha sorry for the late reply. LOL

  2. LOL ! My name is Cheryl not Cherlyn ! Haha ~ do come again to CF this year :)

    1. ops sorry. my bad. haha sure do if i can make it over there. would it be at the same place again ?:) would love to meet you up again.

  3. hahaha~ Thanks for taking a photo of me and my friends together. This bring back memories.
    I love it! ;D
    -Sarah Jane @ Sora-

    1. your welcome! i'm surprise after a year later then only people start to come to comment here. you can grab those picture btw. ;) it's free of charge no worries.

  4. cause i came across tis blog n shared it on my FB page :P