Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Get to Labuan the Hidden Paradise

Here are the 3 ways of getting to Labuan by Land and Sea. 
Alternatively you can also choose to fly with Air Asia to Labuan from KK.

First, you can take the ferry express from Jesselton Port straight to Labuan which take up to 3 hours or more depending on the weather. 

The bus is available infront of DBKK, KK magistrate court.

Second, you can take a bus to Menumbuk Jetty port Kuala Penyu and take a speed boat over there. *Bus ride 1.5 hours + speed boat 30 minutes

You can also drive up to Menumbuk Jetty Port and take the slow vehicle Ferry which takes 2 hours from Menumbuk to Labuan. *bus ride 1.5 hours + ferry 2 hours

Labuan The Land of Cheap Chocolate and Alcohol. Our trip to Labuan was really hectic and short because we stayed there just for one night. There are a few ways to get to Labuan. One of the highlight in Labuan is their friendliness and hospitality. Driver are typically slow and friendly.They would stop and let you cross the road and make you feel like a BOSS.

Accommodation and Transportation in Labuan 
There is no need to worry about accommodation in Labuan because most of the motel/hotel are constantly available. You might want to rent a car in Labuan if you wish to travel around the island. Walking can only get you travel around main town area only. 

Food in Labuan
The food in Labuan price are similar with mainland KK price. I believe it's because most of the raw material such as oil, sugar and other are transported there through boat. However, we didn't have any seafood over there and there is no highlighted food to try there too.

Liquor and Chocolate

Liquor are freaking cheap over there. 1 liter of Vodka is RM32 - 36 and Carlsberg beer is the almost the same price with 100 plus RM2 - RM2.50. You can find all sort of liquor brand and chocolate in some of the huge stores. Not to forget the tobacco, it's cheap too. Be careful not to exceed the limit of liquor of per person but the last time i came back from there i brought 3 liquor bottle and i can still pass the custom. 

Labuan tourism information center

Get a map from Labuan Tourism Centre if you can't find it in your hotel. There have other place promotion flyers too.

 Labuan International Sea Sport * underworld aquarium 

If you plan to stay a night in Labuan you would be bored after you get your liquor and chocolate. Perhaps you want to visit their underworld aquarium. There held quite a numbers of sea creatures. *just to kill your time. Or you can pay the pub or club a visit. 

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