Monday, December 6, 2010

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - the Musical

It was an amazing Saturday night because i got invited over by my good old friend Denise over to her church at Sutera Habour, Skyline to watch Joseph & the Amazing Tehnicolour Dreamcoat - A musical of forgiveness, love and hope.

Based on the book of Genesis Chapter 37 - 50
It begins with Jacob giving his favorite son Joseph the multicolour coat which infuriated his 11 brothers to the extend that they plotted to kill him but instead of killing him, they sell him off as slave to Potiphar who was the cheif official of Pharaoh, King of Egypt.

When Joseph was working in the palace, Potiphar's wife tried to seduce him but end up being threw into the jail  because Potiphar thought Joseph was the one that seduce his wife.

One day Pharoah was confused about his 2 weird dreams that he had and the butler recommended Joseph to the King to interpret his dreams. After Joseph interpreted the dreams of 7 years of food harvest and 7 years of famine, Pharoah appointed him as the next most powerful man in Egypt.

One day his 11 brothers head towards Egypt for food during famine and they did not recognize Joseph. Joseph tested his brothers and found out they change and reunited with his father again.

That's Joseph with his Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Elvis guy was actually the Pharoah outfit. They inserted modern fashion style in it.

I'm not really sure who they was but i know one of them are quite famous.

Royce from

Bernard Hiew as Joseph. He is a singer and actor. :D

Edgar the onion man.

We were forbidden to take flash photography when during the show so i didn't managed to capture any nice picture. The show was amazingly nice and they can really sing very well, it was a musical show after all. I am impressed for how long they can sing and keep on their stamina on it.

I wish Joseph would be able to interpret my dreams but i don't really have weird dreams like 7 cows or 7 falling lamb. I dream or a situation which i believe everyone dream like that too.

Shin Chan

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