Monday, December 13, 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show KLIMS 2010

It was the year of 2010 when I received a new DSLR Canon 550d and I started my photography hobby. I travelled to KL and visited one of the largest automobile event at KL Trade Centre. Being a first timer, I have no idea what to anticipate and I thought it would be just a brief walk around looking cars and probably spend about 30 minutes or more in there. Boy.... was I wrong because I end up spending up to 5 hours in there. So what hold me in there for so long? I remember that I complained of hungry before entering but once I'm in there I don't feel hungry anymore. Amazing isn't it? Here are some of the pictures I took and you will know why I would stay in there for long.

So there you go! All the pictures i took from KLIMS. I'm fixing this post from year 2012 and there isn't any news about the next KLIMS yet. hopefully there would be in the year 2013. Hopefully the next time when i'm there i will shoot better pictures. 

Hayden Chan

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