Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas folks! i know i am late but my Christmas spirit runs high up for the entire month even before 25 Dec. I wish everyone of you enjoy the party you had around the world. I know the year 2010 was crazy and lots of things might happen in your life. But i believe those changes is going to make us a better and a stronger person.

I just got my new year resolution and i am going to announce it loud and clear. for my past resolution for 2010, some i done it some i didn't.

I just got back from Singapore and i had over 2 to 3 thousand of pictures waiting for me to edit and process. I will only select the best of the best pictures to post it out here in my blog. There are just so many things i wanna share in here. I can't wait for new year 2011 to come, it seems that i gain and lost so many thing this year until it had become neutral.

To my new friends. we had years to come and those challenge we face shall strength our bond.
As for my long know friends, i am bored of you guys , I can't wait to see you and reunite again just before new year eve! Perhaps we can have a largest party ever happen before in town.

Lastly, wishing you guys Merry Christmas and God bless every soul in the world.

Shin Chan

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