Thursday, December 2, 2010

Namewee Fighting Spirit

I bet you guys know who is Namewee, he turn our national anthem to a new beat and make the headline within weeks from Youtube. Although that has been years and a lot of parents or perhaps some people are still pretty much hate him but he don't nothing wrong. At least he didn't do drugs dealing or kill some other people.

Now from the video about if you watch it already, he is one brave Malaysian what would fight for a democracy liberal's right in a so called 'democracy' country.
I admired how brave of him to raise the voice of One Malaysia and intended to film a movie about One Malaysia. I seriously want to see how will he be able to make it up to the top and i got the feeling that our nation revolution is going to start from people like him.

I don't understand why FINAS must have over 50% of the movie in Malay because it is just a matter of language speaking only. Translation are always there to help right? What's wrong with full Chinese language speaking movie is film? I guess there are alot of question appeared in your mind after watch the video.

All the time, i was often told that ' do not touch the sensitive topic', but i believe one day, with the help of education ,everyone will unity and change the nation and government policy once and for all.

Maybe of our minority younger generation had a mindset that Malaysia is a terrible country so we must move out to study and work oversea. I think this is a terribly wrong mindset because without us staying back to change the nation, who would?

I am pretty curious if Malaysia is at war, who will come up front to defeat it first.

One thing for sure, i will.

Shin Chan

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