Thursday, December 9, 2010

Party Play Lifestyle Cafe Grand Opening

It was so random that i got invited over by a friend to Party Play Lifestyle Cafe. I wanted to try this cafe out few days ago but it was full house but i guess Lord heard my prayer because i kept on telling my friends i wanna par par par par party and be like party animal.

So this is what i got from the night when they are having their Grand Opening.

It is located at Lintas Plaza, same roll with Grace One Whole sell Store or perhaps if you don't know where is Grace One then it is same roll with Lintas famous Sang Nyuk Mien.

It is not hard to spot this cafe by the way.

I was told my the owner's sister that this is their first time opening a restaurant and they had plans already to open a franchise around Asia Pacific. I thought it was from KL but now i can finally say We got something nice in Sabah that KL doesn't have.

Borneo Pride babe!

Dominic the owner of the shop. He look like he was on cloud 9. Who wouldn't be? to get to open their own restaurant and planing to expand to the world wide. The girl was Steffie Chan my friend that invited me over.

Now each time when you come to this cafe, you can spot my signature. Shin Chan!

I really like their interior design and how they decorate their store.

The foods are great and awesome

I haven really got to try everything on the menu yet but i am going to do another post sooner about their food.

While i was talking pictures around the cafe, i was asked to sit down by a group of people. I wasn't sure what they want but in the end they just wanted to be friends with me. They are really funny and friendly and they are also photographer that take shoots and advertisement photo for the cafe.

The guy in middle tell stories every day at his website.  He is like a master in photographer and he even gave me some tips that night .

They did ask me the famous question. Are you a local?

This is their gadget. He told me that my dslr is really good but i told him that the lens matters but end up he gave me the best advice that i ever heard so far. It is all about your mind and creativity.

This is their art work.

I wish i had this clock on my room.

The full view of their cafe

Pizza are great! and burgers are amazing.

Drake tan, Dominic and me.

Are you thinking what i am thinking? God Greatest Creation. :D

Just come to this awesome cafe that we had in KK. The price in menu are affordable. Forget about upperstar because their service are terrible. I never really like that place anyway.

Thank you Dominic and Steffie for inviting me over.

Shin chan


  1. That's quick of you! Nice meeting you and I'll drop by often in future ^^ By the way, doesn't go well with www. ^^


  2. hahahaha. okay. i keep that in mind in future. well. i hope we can meet again in future. :) i got so many things to learn about photography. ;) I see you around man. btw add me in facebook!
    Hayden chan

  3. I should come here next time instead of upperstar! ;) thx for sharing!