Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Exam Syndrome

Thank you Eunice for reminding me about YMCA and now i am all cheer up. You made my day some how, i know it's like a part time job for you. LOL :)

This is a post-exam-syndrome post.

First,congratulation to all of the course mates that got good pointer for your first semester exam. I come in peace and don't love to compare with others specially in results. :)
Just don't go dancing and laughing in front of those that got poor or average pointers will do or complain that your high pointer is still not enough.

So for all those that got sucky result for their semester exam or whatever exam that you had in your life. This song would definitely cheer you up. I know it is always hard to accept those exam result even though we work really hard for it. To be honest, i don't care about getting myself into dean list in university or whatever list is it. What i want to get myself into is World Youngest Self-earn Millionaires List.

So Young man! There's no need to feel down!
I said Young Man! Pick yourself off from the ground!
I said Young man! Cause you're new in town!
There is no need to feel unhappy!

So guys, get ready for next year semester because it's gonna be the hell of a ride. I wouldn't even be sure i can survive with 9 subjects in next semester. :S

Shin Chan

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