Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shah Alam I City

I have been seeing kl blogger talk about this place called I city and i decided to stop by and have a look after meet up with Yoong Lim. I am still learning how to take night time photography and this is the best place to practice it. The place was amazingly beautiful and romantic.

 Too bad i was with a guy not a girl. I bet if you go there with the person you like and you confess to him/her, you might just get accepted right away. :)

This post will be mainly on photography only, i didn't use any tripod to capture this photos. I think it will be quite hilarious if i share on how i snap this pictures but i don't mind being laugh at all. I once read about sniper long range shooter how they snipe their enemy down by holding their breath about a second or two and between their heart beat to make the most accurate shot they would be able to produce so each time when i try to snap this picture. I tried to make sure that i would just be calm and hold my breath like 1 or 2 second during the shot. Funny right?

I was like a crazy kid running all over the place and snap tone of pictures.

A blurry effect can be achieved by turning off your AF, auto focus into MF manual focus. You then can just adjust the lens to the desire blurness you want.

You need a certain shealthness on your hand to take night time pictures because if you shake just abit when you are taking picture. It will result to blur picture.

You got to come here when you are at KL. I am not sure how far is it but if you got the chance why not just come over here. Some of the place are still under construction and most of the shop are not open yet.

People come here just to enjoy the view, spend time with your family and the love one.

I had my dslr just almost 3 months now, there is still just so many things to learn in photography. With this i guess i am ready for night time outdoor lighting shooting mode. :)

Shin chan

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