Sunday, December 26, 2010

Singapore Furama River Front Hotel

My destination for this year Chrismas brought me over Singapore and my stay was located at Herlock Road Furama River Front Hotel is one of the best Mid range hotel that is available over at Singapore with a walking distant to China Town and you can just take MRT to orchard and Bugis Road.

The first time when i heard the name of Furama i was thinking about Futurama the insane cartoon that make alot of funny joke.

I got to say i haven been staying in some nice fancy hotel for ages already and each time i travel i would clash into back packers inn only.

It does look like some nice thick comfortable bed and i can't resist myself to start my own ritual.

JUMP  BED TIME! :D the bed was tested still working pretty well despite how heavy i am.

I got delay from STUPID Air Asia so we decided to dine into their in house restaurant Square Furama.

Fine and well decorated. Service are fast and awesome too..

Burn lobster.

Meat all meat! i think i got to become vegetarian for a month on Jan 2011.

I felt like sticking my own tongue  into the chocolate fountain.

Nicely cover up chocolate fruits.

I was putting my hopes high for their free services on broadband or wifi but no, they charge every single internet usage. A 24 hours of online would cost around 21SD. Now i know what does it mean when they all say nothing is free in Singapore. At least in Malaysia some of the location in hotel got free wifi access.

There is one night when we got home and found out that our door was left unlock by the house keeper so they got into investigation and gave us a good courtesy gift to apologize. Luckily my laptop and every other expensive stuff didn't got disappear.

They even gave us fruits, chocolate and cards with signatures to make us feel better about it.
I was hoping that they would provide me free internet access but i am just putting my hope high.

The hotel provide gym, spa, tennis swimming pool and other facilities too.Might consider staying back there again if someone would sponsor me.

Shin Chan


  1. it's always fun if we get sponsored to stay in a classy hotel :)

  2. indeed ken. haha i hope someday it would be my turn to be sponsored. :)

  3. niceee. and sticking ur tongue to the choc foundue pot wouldn't be a great idea. ><

  4. hahahaha. if i got a choc foundue at home i would totally do that at home. :D hahaa