Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spectacular View of Singapore

I was given two Singapore map at the airport and it does really come in handy when i decided to venture around in the middle of the city and around Singapore.
I don't think those map look like a map now because it was use under the rain and it look like a rotten cabbage. :D

I went to China Town to had my breakfast after 20 mins or ordinary walk and i meet this weird signboard.

I thought Chinese people is all about FengShui but i was wrong. Street of Death. So where is the Street of Life?

An old female labor statue.

As i was walking down the street all i heard was just English Hits song like Bruno Mars and Hedley. Suddenly a song caught my attention and i had it all day long in my mind. It was Perfect by Hedley.
I personally recommended to everyone of you guys out there.

Perfect by Hedley

It was really a nice song

Next i noticed this whole sale shop that sells all kinds of duty free perfume. I got my Hugo Boss perfume from UK which and their duty free price is almost the same. Nego and bargain is always applicable when you are in china town.

It's just fantastic how Singapore manage to preserve all these old building at best shape.
I took a walking distant to MRT station and make my way to Merlion Fountain. It wasn't hard to take mrt in Singapore and it is really convenient compare to KL because they had air condition system everywhere.

Fullerton Hotel, a hotel that had the Rome design on it. I wonder how much does it cost to stay a night in there. Must be a blast.

Marina Bay was next to it so i also decided to walk across the river to check those building design out.

They had a huge Shopping Mall over at Marina Bay Sands. My eye was big already at that moment but not until when i step into the shopping mall.

It was Jaw Dropping moment when i saw a river stream inside the shopping mall.

Look like Vatican city right? Amazing..

Everything was simple yet artistic enough.

Recently i am really into beef burgers.

A mixture of west and east. Bulgogi Korean Beef Burger. Amazingly nice with finger licking good.

When was at Marina Bay Sand. Something inside me telling me that someday i am going to own one unit of house above there. Just wait and see. I will be in there looking downwards on Singapore view.

Did you guys notice that they Marina Bay Sand Building up on top there is a Ship look alike building? I am not really sure what is up there but one thing i am sure about is. If the world comes to an end with a huge float. I really think that piece of ship look a like will float on water. :D

Merlion in city is really small, i think if you wanna get a bigger one you can find it at sentosa island.

The youth Olympic Park was just beside Merlion head. I wonder how they play football on the river. Don't they get motion or sea sickness?

Next i make my way to Suntec city where the Fountain of Wealth is located. There i pull on my right hand on the fountain and make a silent wish.

I hope that wish will come true and i will come back to thank the fountain again.

Shin Chan


  1. wat a nice view of chance mz go..^^

  2. was supposed to go this year. but eventually didn't get to go. seems like u had fun.

  3. haha you must go there next year! it is really fun over there. :D

  4. U're so lucky to get those "golden ticket" to universal studio... Last time I reach there as early as I could, but still, x ticket... Btw, the so-called ship above marina bay sand is actually a sky park wit gardens n pool... Great trip u hv there!

  5. haha. well you can always be there again next year with advance booking ticket. :D thanks amanda for the information about about the sky park.