Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunway Pyramid

Greetings reader, i am now in KL traveling and partying whole day long and i am burn out and exhausted. I couldn't believe that going traveling would be even more tiring than gym training. I constantly had to carry a big bottle of water along with me to keep me hydrated.

This post is a chronology from the moment i landed until i went back home. That day when i just landed, I spend most of my time around Sunway pyramid to shop and play. :D

The first person i meet was my cousin sister and she decided to bring me to have some special lunch with unappropriated name When i ask her where to eat? She replied me : "We go eat shit." I was so confuse by what she told me until i saw the restaurant.

The Toilet Restaurant concept.

Everything that you had over there would be serve in toilet related things. Can you imagine you are dining from you home toilet bowl after you made some real cake from it? :S

Nice cheesy chicken but the rice isn't that tasty.

To complete the meal of the day, here comes the shit. We ordered set meal and they serve us dessert at the end of the meal. It look like a feces.

I never expect to bump into anyone after i travel so far but i was so surprise when i bump into..

Julien a blogger friend of mine. I never seen her since last year and out of no where she pop up and there she is working as the green elf. I couldn't believe i meet her and i had to rub my eyes to be sure that i didn't spot the wrong person. :X

I saw Santa sitting on stage so i decided to ask him to do some cool stuff for me. First i asked him to do a peace sign. 

Next after some peace sign picture, it's time to rock style Santa. Santa Rock! :D

Currently they were having some sort of Peter Pan musical show or something. I didn't had time to watch it so i asked the whole crew of the show to come out and took picture with me.

Just beware of the Cros. He might stuff you in this mouth. 
After messing around with the Peter Pan cast it's time for some charity work.

Even before i come to KL, Eunice had already start to ask me to do charity work and i straight away agree with her.

Sunway Pyramid had this charity booth for fulfilling disable people wish list. 
Love is a Verb 4 - 19 Dec. I didn't took long to consider to help or not and the moment i was there i look for those colourful bell with their wishlist on it.

Some of the wish are simple to complete.

I chose this particular color ball and the person wanted stationaries. 

I shop for stationary and drop it back to the counter. You guys should try to do something charitable for this up coming Christmas too. Crave a smile on their face and make a world a better place for them.

Pasta Zanmai was for dinner on that night. I tired Sushi Zanmai before and Pasta Zanmai offer good foods too.

Chicken BBQ pasta.  Amanzingly NICE

Cheesy Chicken for my cousin. She said it was nice.

I got scolded for doing the Chopstick thing because it look very weird and unrespectful but hey it was just for the sake of fun! :D but if grandma is here, my head might drop dead on ground.:X

While i was enjoying my meal, all of the sudden i heard someone calling. Shin Chan .. Shin Chan!!!
i was so blur that i would have believe it was just an illusion until i had my head up high and search for the source of the voice. 

It was my KK friends that came here to study! They couldn't believe i was here too and they had to confirm among their friends a few times to be sure that it was me at the other side of the table. :D

I just love how i can see people from my hometown in kl. Makes me feel like home sometimes. 

Cousin picture taking skills isn't that bad after all. I was having hard time separating the chopstick into two without breaking up either one of it. 

The fun didn't just stop there and next post would be on the famous Shah Alam Icity. After walking for the whole day inside a building it's time to check out some nice night scenery. 

Shin Chan 


  1. Zanmai is awesome! I am doing the review now too :)

  2. woa. haha where are you now joanne? are you in kl too? :)

  3. Yes :) I am staying here for a month ^_^

  4. oh my god!! i miss pasta zanmai!!! its so cheap and delicious!!