Monday, December 20, 2010

Times Square PS3 EXPO

It was just another day in my long trip at kl and i decided to take bus, monorail to middle of the city to lowyat in search of my external hard disk. I did manage to get one good external hard disk with reasonable price.

There were some funny incident happen when i walk down at Bukit Bintang Monorail area. A young girl came to me and ask for direction to Pavilion.
Although i am not KL people but i roughly know where is low yat, times square, sungai wang and pavilion. So i accompany her for a short distant walk to Pavilion and on the way i asked her. So where are you from?
The girl answered me. I'm from Petaling Jaya.

I was like 0.0 *in my mind i was trying hard to hold myself back from laughing. I wonder how can a PJ people don't know where is Pavilion is. sad case

So i walk from Pavilion to Fahrenheit 88 then Low Yat and last Times Square to catch the Imbi Monorail back to kl sentral.

I came across the PS3 exhibition and there were lots of games to be play. They even offer competition for racing game GTR. I wish was there earlier and perhaps i can win them.

The model name was Gen and she was there to work part time for them. I manage to have some short chit chat with her. She was really friendly and nice compare to other model i meet before. :)

Well i think up to this point many people might be thinking that shin chan is like any other photographer that take pretty girls pictures only, but then again it's just a part of photographer lesson.

I am going to singapore in less than 24 hours and i am still got tones of posts pending. I can't keep on writing or else i might end up posting up pictures and no words at all.

Shin Chan

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