Monday, December 27, 2010

Universal Studio Sentosa Island

Finally after 72 hours of picture processing, i choose the best of the best pictures to be post out at my blog. It wasn't easy because i took over 2thousand shoots.

Lesson 101, if you don't like the picture that you took. Just delete it on the spot rather then wait till you get home and check it out 1 by 1.

I don't know why but this time our trip to Singapore was filled with luck all the time. We got our Universal Studio ticket from our hotel travel agent because they told us that On the Spot ticket will be sell out. Well, they were right. It was just 11am in the morning and the ticket booth already close because they don't have any more tickets already.

Doesn't look dreamy to me but i got all sort of weird dreams lately.

First step inside Universal Studio remains me of the Korean Theme park

No, it's not Titanic Ship. It was the Madagascar Ship! they build it in full scale! crazy.

It seems that they also arrived in universal studio.

I found the infamous Shrek the Ogre tree house

This is funny when they put up Princess Fiona sign on it.

The real scale * i think* of castle Far Far Away.

Shrek 4D show was awesome, you will get shake around in the chair, water splash and wind blowing into your face. :D

They even got Jurassic Park with water river ride. I didn't manage to snap any pictures because it is a soaky ride.

I had to keep my DLSR inside because it is going to be wet.

Next to Jurassic Park they got water world that show a thriller and action real scene with gun fire and explosive.

I like how the cam managed to capture the mid air moment of the jet-ski.

They also had big boats in the pool too. That boat splash everyone 1st and 2nd roll audience with water.

If you think that isn't enough, now they project a huge aircraft into the pool. The show was amazing and it is a must to watch it when you guys are there.

They got Egyptian with high speed roller coaster in it. The Anubis statue.

I didn't want to take the roller coaster ride not because i am not brave enough because i know i had a long day ahead and i don't wanna stone myself with the ride. I remember i stone myself with roller coaster ride at Hong Kong and whole night i wasn't able to walk well.

The battlestar galactica looked awesome and wait till you put your head up.

That must be the baddest ass i ever seen so far.

The New York City Section was amazingly real.

I was expecting a big fat guy selling hotdog.

Whats her name again? can't recall.

5th Broadway Avenue!

They can sing amazingly well and it sound like it came out from the 50-an!

One thing for sure all the ladies over there go crazy when they walk down the stage and dance with them. It's like a day light clubbing you know. :)

Last stop at Universal Studio Store before i head to another place in Sentosa Island. It is really temping to get everything from there

Shin Chan


  1. Did you get wet during the lost world show?

  2. sherlyn: hahaha thanks!
    Jfook : Nope because i sat at the none splashing area.