Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zoo Negara Malaysia

I'm now at KLIA earlier 2 hours and i hook up into their wifi connection. To my surprise their connection was quite fast despite the big area in the airport. I hate walking around the airport because it is really big and i need to walk quite a distant from another place to another.

Sitting down in MCD without buying any food from their place, i got inspired of writing the post for day trip to Zoo Negara. I remember it was quite random that my friend brought me over to zoo Negara and one of the reason is they got discount coupon. So why not join along? :)

Note: i didn't managed to capture any nice animal picture that day because my lens is too short and wasn't up for long distant shooting. Unless i climb over the fetch and say hi to the tiger then i won't be able to capture any nice photos.

Besides zoo negara, they had bird park and also klcc aquarium. I wasn't sure how they got it but i just join along. :D

I was scare of the camel might just bite my hand off until i remember that camel is a herbivorous animal -.-''

Double picture of the huge turtle.

The ape visit his cousin at the Zoo

Certain things in our life are just worth waiting for. We might not need to speak it out loud or post it out big every single day saying that we are going to wait for you because it is a heavy and strong words.
Something like when a couple say i love you forever. The word forever is a strong word too.

Ever since i got my DSLR my blog had transform into a photography blog. I wonder would i be able to write again if i wanna write but this i need to wait. I doubt that i have any reading these day after i change my url blog. ;(

There are alot of few post pending from my kl trip and i am going to try finish it off by tomorrow after i uploaded all the pictures.

Few more hours and i will be back home, i wonder how is the next time for me to Singapore. Lately i haven been seeing my parent much, i wonder how are they back at home. I bet my bro would dominate the whole house when i wasn't around.

All my friends are scolding me for not being at home place when they are back to town. i pretty sure when i am back i gonna get skin off. :S

Shin Chan

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