Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resolution

Finally we had come to an end of the year 2010. If you would ask me how do i think about 2010. I would only say one word. 'sucks'

Did you celebrate your new year eve with some one special or with a group of friends inside the club and waste yourself until the following year. Anyway my new year eve countdown was sucks to the max because i wasn't able to be with the person i prefer with.

Normally every year i would do a recap on what happen in those 12 months so you are able to keep track on what have i done but personally i think i would rather share a moment of inspiration to everyone of you here.

In the year of 2010 i had lost a part of me that use to be sharing with someone else but in the other hand i manage to create something that i had never do before. A lost always come with a gain i guess and what God took it away from you shall be return in double if you trust and put Him in yourself.

I grew not only outside but extraordinary inside. I'm now wiser, straight forward and do not tolerate with anyone that tried to take advantage on me anymore. 

The strong feeling about the 2011 just trembling inside my body  and it will be there year where i start to build the foundation for my future. I plan everything out well in my mind and keep it as loud as possible so i could remember it. I also got this strong 6th sense or feeling that the Lord wants me to move forward without any limitation. In fact i always tell myself there is no such thing as limitation but only us setting the limit of anything. 

I have seen friends that stay the same and never improve themself in personalities wise. I also seen friends that change themself into a better person too. Pro and cons but at the end of the day, i would rather sacrifice something to become a better person. But the best is still yet to come.

Keep your new year resolution simple and mine is.
Eat. Sleep. Study. Train. & probably abit of romance along the way.

Eat - Eat well with probably and extremely strict diet for my sports and gym training.
Sleep - Sleep well with 8 hours a day for body recovery from heavy training.
Train - Train as hard as possible without hurting myself.
Study - Study as hard as possible without waiting for others.
Romance -  that would had to wait until it really comes because things like this are hard to say.

Another thing i would love to do next year is travel around the world. I decided that i am going to travel to Bangkok, Brunei and Singapore. Nothing is impossible with Air Asia around these day.

Shin Chan