Saturday, January 15, 2011

21 Gun

Do you know how hard is it to gather up more than 10 people after we graduated from high school? Everybody move to another part of the world to further their studies and everybody got their own life these day.

Cross road, Citymall

21 year old is not old
The future 
David the future interior designer
Me the future too old of this s***

Hugo Boss for Me
Thanks to flor i now got the fragrance of Hugo Boss everywhere i go. I think i am addicted to this perfume.
21 years old cake

We are OLD

Forever 21

Don't order this drink. Basically the food over at the crossroad is just normal but i believe it would be an alternate place for youngster around KK to hangout. The price and food are normal and i don't really find anything interesting about there.

I'm going to become 22 and i already start to feel that i really should do something in my life soon. Perhaps i should get my dream car in 3 years time. I would love to drive a Mazda Rx8 and if lord allow i might even end up in  a BMW.

Shin Chan


  1. Make me hungry also man. Btw where to get that cake? so special!

  2. haha i also not sure where did they get the cake. it was a surprise cake for me too! i guess they specially order it. Maybe you should custom make the cake for your 21st birthday party. :)