Friday, January 7, 2011

The Absolute

First week of semester just the started and it was like a teaser to the mission impossible semester.
 Looking at all the books makes me wonder ' is our future created from a pile of thick book?' I often remind myself that books are just a set of papers that were collected from the past researcher had studied.

We are all followers or what being studied and apply it in daily life to keep the world running.
No wonder human evolution stop at certain point and never really increase much. All it does is just a prove that we had gone through this much and please let me have my degree and give me a work.

Someone told me that there is nothing to be invent already but what if you are at the stone age and i told you the same thing, would you just stop inventing and live with your stone age?

We might even study until the most complex cell in the world, we can even understand how do they function and stuff like that but at the end of the day we might not even understand who are me and why do we exist for.

Life is just like a filament light bulb waiting for it to shut off. Different age of people would give you different kind of advise, don't use a almost burn out light to light your path because you will end up lost and never reach your destination. Meaning, your parents might want you to settle down and live a normal secure life from the government it is probably because they had gone through their life and they felt that no matter what you do, life is still going to come to an end.

Work. Probably another in my life that i might not be facing it for another three years. We always had a particular main reason to keep on moving in life. We might be able to plan what is it or how will our future be but plan are just mere plan. I am proud to say that i got a plan that it might not be even working in future but one thing i am humbly telling myself is i got a hope that would bring myself in a better future.

The absolute of all life is there is ___________________ figure it our yourself.

Shin chan

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