Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adobe Photoshop

If you're a regular reader of my blog you might notice that i haven been posting any post for the past 5 days since Monday. I wasn't lazy but i was busy with my university and i also busy writing upcoming plans to upgrade my blog into more lively and interesting for you guys as well. Not easy and it need alot of self motivation to keep on doing blog plan i would say.

One of the latest thing i have adapted in my need-to-learn skills are Adobe Photoshop Editor Skill. Yea, i know i am abit slow to catch up with reality but i believe it never be late for me to learn something new in my life. I always set a principle of myself "  If you want to be something, make sure you be the best of it".

Here are some of the pictures that i learn from Youtube about 'Color Splash'.

I am excited what or how i am going to reveal my own skills on photoshop editing. Now that my dslr is coming back home i feel like as if i am alive again. Thank you Canon for taking me seriously.

Here is the video for the color splash. It is really easy to learn. i can do it within 5 minutes after watching it.

Shin Chan


  1. very well done thumbs up! did u edit the rainbow urself or u were really lucky to see one?

  2. haha the rainbow was real and it is really there. ;)

  3. Photoshop is really cool! I always edit my photos into vintage effect.

  4. haha yes indeed! tones of effect are yet to learn. wait for after cny you gonna see awesome photo effect that i just learn. :D