Monday, January 3, 2011

Amazing Road Trip Picture

Some times it is always great to remember what i had gone through specially in those days when i far away from home on my road trip. To be honest we don't need to be rich to travel around, we just need proper management and good planning in cash.

I know it is facebook people doesn't really see all this picture because their main reason of seeing other pictures is to check who is the hot guy or hot girl. Other then artistic picture, i should just forget about them.

Another thing is,  i doubt about innit because the blogger inside is like Pasar Malam shouting or yelling their blog url over some small crampy chatbox. Most of the top Nang blog doesn't look interesting to me. Seriously a sad place to be in innit sometimes.

This is the night sky up at the beneath of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. I saw 3 shooting stars that night and i managed to make one wish on one of the shooting stars.

Vigita was awesome enough to be my model of the night. It was just a month plus since i got this camera and so far i have been receiving good and positive comment on my pictures. I want to go further with this camera.

Check out this following picture. It was actually the sun at around 4 or 5pm. When i capture this picture i almost gone blind because i watch at the sun directly from my camera.
Shutter speed 1/3200
ISO 100
F as high as possible.
I don't know why but i use a sunglass and place it infront of the lens and that is why you got a brownish image of the sun.

There is always a rainbow after a rain. I believe some day i will find the rainbow inside me and shine like nobody business. Do you know how choosy am i this day on girls? you wouldn't even believe when i say it all out to you.

I know last year something broke my heart and i still managed to go through it. Sorry not i managed but i HAD to move on even it was the most heart shatter moment in my life.

You can get this wishing wealth at tip of borneo Kudat. Don't throw your money into those shopping mall so call man made fountain of wealth. At the end of the day when they clean the pool, your money will go into the shopping mall pockets or the cleaner pocket. Try to come here instead. :)

It is a must for me to deal with myself sometimes in darkness. that is where i will be about to find the true self of me without other people influencing me. It wasn't easy at all.

You will know when you found the light in your life and just head down to the dim light and you will find out something interesting waiting for you at the other side of the light.

It's going to be the second semester for me and what happen last year was last year. I hope i won't had another chance to talk about last year because i hope this year it's gonna be the best year of my life.

Shin Chan


  1. (Y) hope to see more of your post there!

  2. Btw, kinda agree with what you said hmm. Followed you in networkedblog and google follow there. Keep writing! :)

  3. aww. haha thanks yeeing! thanks for the motivation words. i will follow you too!

    Snowman. thank you! :D

  4. Hey... i agree with u ! Innit, beggin ppl to read their post it's like psr mlm..haha! >.<

  5. hahahaha. thanks Euniceee! that's why i rarely shout it out loud inside. unless i am bored i would just say hello in the chatbox then chao already. haha