Saturday, January 8, 2011

Atmosphere Restaurant - Yayasan Sabah

I believe not everybody in here would know that Sabah had a revolve restaurant up at the 18th floor in Yayasan Sabah. So to the non-Sabahan reader the Battery-look-a-like building is located downtown on the way to 1Borneo along side the coaster sea side road.

They had this restaurant that revolve 360 degrees at night 8pm - 10pm with amazing view around Kota Kinabalu. Price wise would be reasonable on drinks but for the food it is still affordable and would only cause minor burn on your wallet if you wish to dine in. Perfect for your up coming Valentine get away dinner.

It was my first time sitting down and had my drink in there despite i can see the building every single day when i drive out from my house.

Elaine and Denise called me up that night because they were leaving to KL and it was their last night in KK. So to pay my last respect to them i show up in courtesy form with my dslr to snap their some last pictures before they depart to somewhere far and with a thin chance of seeing them again.

The menu price isn't that expensive  for non-alcoholic drinks they are really nice.

Long Island - Contain a small percentage of alcohol * if i didn't remember wrongly but hardly taste the alcohol out from it. Slightly sweet and taste abit of bitterness if you are sensitive enough.

Meli Melo - An appetizer opener and gave a slight taste of melo.

 Virgin Majinto - A really good combination of sour and minty taste

Apple Spice - Obvious taste of apply with minty and sour flavor. 

There is nothing better than spending time with your ex high school mate in the world. They all might seem to change alot but we are still strong with our friendship bond.

I think 5 years down the line they will be marrying someone else because girls normally marry faster than guys. Bad news, i might need to work harder and perhaps get marry few years later after them. Good news, i got ang pau after they get marry . :D

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