Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back Pain - Myofascial pain

I had back pain for on and off since i was 17 and it was like a burden for me specially when i am really focusing hard on basketball training and gym training too. After years of worrying i finally decided to take my first step to meet my personal sport injury physiology doctor at Raffles Hospital., Kota Kinabalu.

I thought i would had another surgery but after undergo various kind of physiotherapy test by the doctor, he told me that my back muscle is perfectly fine, fit and strong. No muscle wasted or inbalance growth. Muscle's nerve was perfectly fine too. Then the doctor diagnosis that i had Myofascial pain after he press on my trigger point.


This are the trigger point that past researcher found in our body and there are no explanation to why we had trigger point but if you had any back pain it is best to do a deep tissue massage on it and you will feel better. 

I was suggested to take steroid shot directly to the trigger point but i rejected it and plan to wait for the next wave of pain on the trigger point to come. I think taking steroid shot is so cool and it might even transform me into incredible hunk. :D free STEROID FOR MUSCLE ! 

So the next time you had back pain probably is best to consult a specialist doctor and perhaps it might reduce your pain. Don't ligger around thinking that you might know what is the pain you had at your back, you can never know how serious or how simple is it to erase it. Although it is pricey to see a specialist doctor but with those cash you can buy your own security on your own body.

I thought i had my shoulder disc blade dislocated but now that i am totally fine i gonna hit hard on gym and basketball. :D

Information taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigger_point

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  1. good to hear that~~ but why u reject the steroid shot?