Monday, January 3, 2011

Pulau Manukan Kota Kinabalu 2010

On the last day of 2010, i wonder who am i going to spend my day with and where would i will be through out the whole day. Surprisingly, i spend my day with a good blogger friend of mine!  I know her for few years already when i was new and fresh in blogosphere. I always read her blog and her words inspired me to write most of the time, but talking to her is even better because she is like a big sister to me.

We had our nice breakfast at Damai fish meehoon soup shop and stop by at Uncle Biscuit Bakery for some nice bread because she love bakery .  All of the suddenly she noticed that the weather was really fine to visit the island and just like that we hoop into a boat and get the next ride to Pulau Manukan

Some say she believe in fairy tales..
Some say she love to eat bakery.
Some even say she is a famous blogger!

I say she is just a pretty good friend of mine which i wouldn't care less about her. :)

It was slight cloudy day but it was perfect for her because she doesn't wanna get tanned.

She got her fancy beach wear hat and flip flop at Jesselton Port and we are ready to go to Pulau Manukan!

She was as happy as a baby got into a playground when we got into island. Too bad we didn't bring any extra shirts and we had limited time. Our journey from mainland Kota Kinabalu took us about 15 minutes to Pulau Manukan.

Check out those fishes! i throw half of my bread to them and they became like a piranha fish! except they are fighting over bread not human flesh.

We meet a hawt Russian lady on board and Wen successfully ask her to take picture with me. I was actually dying to take picture with her too!  
P/s : she was even hotter when she got into Bikini. :S

I found a look a like love shape coral! :D

She was updating her Status and tweeter 24/7

I had no idea why all of the sudden our trip become like a photo shooting session but since it was my first time bringing my DSLR over an island, i decided to shoot as much picture as i could. Wen was doing very spontaneous pose too.

Wen to the rescue!

It's really awesome to meet up with her, specially with a person that had the same interest with you. I don't really had any friends that blog active enough and believe it or not most of my blogger friends are from KL.

Wen saying goodbye to KK before she leave to somewhere else

I hope she better give me a call the next time she drop by in KK again. This time i will fed her with KK best food and make her fat!  Happy :D

Thank you for always be there for me last time. It was really nice meeting you up and see you soon! like real soon!

You can check out her blog at  

Shin Chan


  1. Hey Shin Chan! Thanks soooooo(infinity) much for bringing me around that day! And hey, i am not a famous blogger ok! NO one knows me! It was really nice meeting u tat day and i look forward to seeing u again when i go over KK in the future if u r free! Hehe! btw, why do u say i am "daring"!? haha..

  2. hahaha. your welcome! to the infinity! LOL. its really nice meeting you and probably awesome meeting you! hahahahah

    always remember come and find me when you stop by in kk okay! You're daring because you are not really shy to take people walkie talkie and play!