Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comic Fiesta Part 2 - 2010

I am sorry for the huge delay on the second part of the Comic Fiesta Part 2 and i believe by now most of us might already forget what is it about already. So to refresh our mind just click the link below and you will be directed to the Part 1 Comic Fiesta post.

Comic Fiesta Part 1

That day we get to know a few model which is really friendly and kind too. Not every model i meet is really that friendly. The model i meet that day was Simone and she is a free lance model that got a bright future ahead. I am not really sure what is Simone's cosplay character but it does look like a Chinese fairy tale lady in sword.

It's a good thing that she help me try to kill YL.
She is the first model that compliment on my photography skills and she even personally like all of the pictures. It kept me motivated because after all i am still a beginner. :D

Full scale of Anime cosplay set. Awesome

YL got bully by the terrorist 

I had to step in and save his ass. 

Mr Gas Mask with awesome gun

Sora from "Kingdom Hearts"

Longest gun i ever seen in life
Super Mario was complaining that i am too tall for him and he almost shoot those fireballs to me

I know he is from Naruto Anime :S what's his name again?

P/s :  Right side girl look lovely

 Chi from "Chobits"

Lam Tak Weng

Haruhi Suzumiya from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"

 KAITO x Miku [magnet]
Shinku, Kanaria, Suigintou from "Rozen Maiden"
Yuna [summoner] from Final Fantasy X

You don't want him to Gun you down with that

I love her claws
Who doesn't like this to be in their home?
This is all i had for this moment for everyone of you and there will be a finale of Comic Fiesta Post later probably coming few days.
I impressed how KL people really work hard and willing to spend so much on those cosplay set, i think Sabahan got along way to learn about cosplaying.

Shin Chan


  1. interesting post.. I don't even know about this.. but the costume looks good.. :)

  2. haha thank you. :) i didn't know too until i was told by someone over there.