Sunday, January 2, 2011

Craziest Road Trip

Shortly after Zero Gravity was launch in my facebook photo album. Everybody was really exciting to shoot for another Zero Gravity photoshoot. One of them even make a joke about jumping off from a building and snap pictures of them jumping.

Now next album might contain some conversation on each pictures so you might wanna read those words. If normally you skip through my blog for those awesome pictures well, this time you might wanna slow down and read those words beneath it.

Someone asked me, currently what are the 3 most important thing in my life? My answer. DLSR, Wallet and Phone.

I still can't believe Vigita kept our picture in his wallet after so many years of leaving high school. Even i wasn't sure where is the original copy went. This is us when we are in form 5.

One of the most important thing you must remember that, you don't wanna put Vigita and Me in a picture because your picture will not be normal.

I started the weird pose first and Vigita was so cool with it.

Then he was like wtf chan? damn!? then he caught the weird pose at the following picture and start to match me up.

Each time when the Salina (Vigita's gf) said 1 2 3, we will pose something weird.

After all these years we still having hard time to synchronize our pose.

Another fail to have the same pose picture.

Finally we got the same pose!

Edmund was jealous of us and he wanted to take picture of us, but then again never ever put two of us in someone picture because they might not be able to match it up with us. In this picture we did a stand still pose.

Vigita's signature pose. The free kick football pose.

We all look like as if we are peeing at some point of view.

After some crazy pose we now move to another part of the area to DESA COW FARM. I had been there a million time but i always wanted to do something.

ME : Where is the farmer? Hey vigita you take a look see we can start to tractor or not? Quick quick!
Vigita :  Can't you don't be so crazy? because i am looking for the key now.
Edmund : Hey i wanna join you guys! what are you guys doing?!

 We are actually sneaking up to someone vehicle without their permission.

Succeed! we managed to kick start the engine after finding the key was stuck in the tractor.

The farmer boy chase us away and he was surprise how we managed to start the engine. :D

After we are done with the COW FARM, we move to the Tip of Borneo to have some chilling moment but we end up fighting with each another because i did something annoying to Vigita and everyone of the friends know what happen and blame me for it.

There is the real story. It was dark on the road and Vigita was really tired. There were a few times the car was swinging from left to right slightly because he was sleepy. I was the co driver and i was sleepy too. So here are the following conversation that take place at the middle of no where.

Me: Hey vigita you sleepy?
Vigita : Yea i am sleepy and tired. I drove 200km today.
Me :  Oh i see. *grab a candy from the dashboard*
Vigita :  *Looking at me with a candy.
Me :  Looking at him and open the candy. After that shove it into my own mouth.
Vigita :  WTF?! shouldn't you be giving the candy to the tired and sleepy candy?!
Back seat passenger :  Chan wth la you!
Me :  Laugh like a mad man. :D

It's called reverse psychology because by doing this the driver got agitated and never ever got sleepy again because he was angry and frustrated from what i did.

First we thought of Edgar and we did his Signature pose during his competition for Mr Sabah title.

But shortly after that we got so angry at each another when someone remind us what happen on the car and we decided to settle it like a man. Since he had been holding grudge on me for some time.

He was like kicking side to side and i manage to dodge a few kick from him.

I got so annoyed and i end the fight with a good low blow to his you know where. End of the fight. shin chan wins as always. He was laying on the ground crying for help and i kick him over the side of the cliff and he fall over into the south east Asia sea and forever long gone.

So the next time you guys go to Kudat, you probably see his cloths somewhere around the stairs.

Anyway that's all for now, a lot more of crazy and awesome picture coming up at next post! It wouldn't be fun if i post all the photos in one shoot in a single post. I would rather to slip it up into a few post. I don't just post awesome picture but i also write amazing words as well so don't expect to come here and look at pictures only. Take some time to read. :)

Shin chan


  1. hey...
    "I got so annoyed and i end the fight with a good low blow to his you know where. End of the fight. shin chan wins as always."

    who are you trying to fool? you can't even fight back.. lol