Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Faulty Canon 550D Enter Workshop

Sometimes of all the things in the world that can make a big guy like me felt depress is some of the simplest thing in the world.
I still can't really believe that after less than 2 months of using the Canon 550D dslr, i need to send it in to Canon HQ company to repair it. I never drop the camera and i treat it as gentle as a baby all the time. I spend and burn a hole in my wallet just to get it and now it is back to where it come from again.

If you guys notice there is always a rotating dial beside the shutter button. It's called the Main Dial and mine was stuck and unable to rotate smoothly. 

I am still accepting the fact that every single thing in this planet are build to broke some day, sooner or later but one i can't accept is how long it takes for a DSLR to be repair in Canon repair center.

They told me that i am going to get my dslr back at least a month time and it seriously make me felt depress immediately. I had my event for the whole month plan out properly and i had to miss some of the annual event that only can be seen once a year. If you miss it, thats it, you have to wait for another year.

So this are the event that i miss so far in my event planner.
22 Jan Padang Merdeka Lion Dance Chinese New Year celebration.
28 Jan, Friends birthday.
29 Jan, Kian Kok Annual Sport School Event.
28 - 30 Jan, Gaya Street night market Chinese New Year Celebration.
1 - 4 Feb, Chinese new year Celebration at KL
12 Feb, Tshung Tshin High School Annual Sport Event.

Thinking of all the miss out events just make me event more depress. I can't believe that the Canon are going to take at least a month to return my DSLR. I wish they had some other alternate way to get things done faster. It wouldn't just for me but for every other user around Malaysia. Do we really pay such expensive thing just to get it enter the workshop for a month?

I hope they better get things done properly when they return my dslr or else i gonna call straight up to the high ranking people inside and give them some good orchestra singing from me.

Anyway, i got demotivated from blogging because of that incident but i do have something else to share with all you guys. That is my new reader page in facebook. To those that are not in my friend list and you wish to get the latest update in from my blog you can just click like it. to those that always get my update from my friends list, you guys still can like it too.

PS: i noticed alot of people 'like' useless page. Example
 Shin Chan likes when a girl sticks with liking one guy for a long time through all the crap he gives her, it doesnt... and 3 other pages on Likelicious.

I seriously don't get what is the point of liking such page by the way and you might even get your facebook  back.

So Like my page to get more update. :D


  1. 12 feb u r nt coming to Pesta angpau? come ma~

  2. Apple oh ya ho! pesta ang pau lagi. aih.. :( miss the chances for pesta ang pau again.
    Margaret : haha no cash o!

  3. Ahh no!! 29 Jan, Kian Kok Annual Sport School Event..

  4. hahaha.huh? why you panic o joanne? i tot you are in kian kok?