Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Fish Spa - Kipungit Waterfall

Have you ever seen those expensive fish spa offer in a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur? Well if you manage to make your way to Kota Kinabalu this year, maybe you might think of going the Kipungit Waterfall located just inside the Ranau Hot Spring area with 800 meters walk through the tropical rain forest.

People that stay around the place is really lucky because they get to come here all the time and have their own sweet time to bath around. I think it is a really nice place to train like a ninja or martial arts, specially you stand underneath the waterfall and meditate.

Not really big in size but the water is freezing cold

Picture above is capture with slower shutter speed around 1/4 with a hand hold mode. 

Here is the free fish spa that i had been walking about and it was really itchy at first but after 10 minutes of fish spa you can really see the difference of your leg.

Vigita said GOOD!

Look at his hand, trying to shoot himself again. Never ending of suicidal.

Next we move on to the Ranau Canopy walk.

Taken by Vigita, Canon 550D EOS with polarizing filter. One of the interesting thing about polarizing filter is their ability to control the light flow. It can make the image look warm and cold with a twist of the filter.

Walking up to the canopy bridge need alot of  tough and endurance walk. I was acting all strong and fit but i end up got burn out when i reach up to the canopy bridge.

I think it is located around 50 - 80 meter above ground and it is really scary if you are scared of height. I am not really scare of height but i just don't like to be in tall places with unsecure things like this canopy bridge.

1... 2... 3.. and Vigita shake the bridge and this is how you get a Shin Chan EPIC expression on top of the canopy walk.

Shin Chan

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