Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gaya Street Chinese New Year Night Market

I think the only time when Gaya Street is open at night is before Chinese New Year and before Christmas.
This year Gaya Street night market is 28 - 30 jan 3 nights jam pack with tones of people.

If you are always there in the morning then now you got nothing to complain about the heat and the sun when you go there in the night.

Well, i still didn't get my dslr back so i had to blog from my handphone with some decent pictures.
I seriously hope i can get it on Monday or else i will  become a dragon and toast everybody up.

Gaya street night market
 Doing last minute shopping at night market might be awesome but bare in mind those things that are being sold in night market just right before Chinese New Year isn't that cheap and some of them are marked up price.

It was so crap pack but everybody just side seeing without buying anything. LOL

Besides shopping people are there for performance too. I think during the first day of night market they shoot off some fireworks.

Different schools from all around kota kinabalu will be here to perform all night long. If you are bored and you had all your friends back here in kk already. Just ask them to come to gaya street.

I was there alone because most of my friend isn't free that night and one of the weirdest thing that ever happen in my life is as i was walking down the street almost everybody look at me. I seriously wonder whats wrong with me, i was wear shorts, flip-flops, black tee and messy mushroom hair.

Someone told me that it's because that i am really tall. i guess thats it.

Shin Chan


  1. ya..u r really tall...
    n looks like 郑元畅too~^^

  2. You know you have mushroom hair ! Hahaha..
    Between, if I was there, you would have an accompany :)

  3. yainka : haha >.< when you see me longer you wont think i look like him de lor. haha

    Mitchell : haha thank you! i am sure i will ask you guys around to go