Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Hornet Movie Review

Hollywood might not know who is Jay Chou but i am sure that we Asian know who is he.

I have been hearing negative comments about the movie. Some said it is stupid and lame, some said it makes their IQ go lower, some said it is not nice at all.

BUT I SAY, Jay Chao is our Asian Pride! and we must support the movie no matter what just like how you buy the whole original record album although some of the song you don't like it. 
I am his fan since i was young and it really got me excited watching him on the silver screen.

The first minute when i heard Jay Chao talk in the movie, i was like " oh lord, it's gonna be Peter Chao movie a like".Although his English remains me of youtube celebrity Peter Chao but i think he made a great afford in improving and learning English in such a short period of time. Even if you asked me to learn Japanese in such a short period of time i wouldn't be able to do it.

It does give a sense of authentic Asian English Speaking accent after all.
Classic and i would say 6/10. Reasonable to watch and if you are a fans of Jay Chao then you got all the reason in the world to watch the movie.

Note: do stay back for the credit of the movie because they are going to post out Jay Chao old songs which sound pretty awesome on the movie. I think all those Ang Mo might be wonder what is he singing.
Looking forward for Jay Chao next movie and i hope he get another movie character in another holly wood movie.

I wonder why most of the movies are in 3D because some of the scene doesn't really required 3D to look cool. Most importantly are the story line. I can throw in a million super effect but if the storyline of the movie sucks, everything sucks too.

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