Friday, January 28, 2011

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant

It was totally random that i meet a bunch of KL media people, bloggers in a night.
It started when Shannon Chow a kl blogger friend of mine tweeted that she is coming to Sabah via Firefly new route launching to KL - KL. I wasn't even hesitate to meet her out because i am sure we would have tones of things to talk about.

Boy i was so right about it. Lots of common brought us together and immediately we talk the whole night long as if we know each another for some time already. but the real fact was we just know each another not more than 5 hours.

Our first dinner was at Gunter's Gasthaus a German Restaurant and also known as the hidden Gem in KK itself. To be honest i am not a regular customer to this restaurant because i wouldn't come to this place if i am all single and alone without any girlfriend. I would do come to this place to date or have a romantic dinner if i had a girlfriend.

Located along the Jalan Tuaran Road, you need to pay attention to the road sighboard and it is just opposite Kian Kok Secondary school.

Set up with a romantic theme for the whole year, you wouldn't need be to worry about having a cold-romantic dinner with your love one.

Hand pointing out that's Shannon. my ear drum literally burst when we all shout and laugh together.

Jumbo Octoberfest Sausage (Price: RM29.90)
Look at this long and fat bad ass Sausage, if size doesn't matter then you must be freaking lying to me because this badass sausage here taste like heaven and i officially label it as the Lord of the Sausage.
Accompany with his bad sidekick, it is served with onion and mash potato that taste great too.

It is stuff with pure minced meet. Isn't sure what the meat are but it totally melt in my mouth the moment it enter my mouth. And you say melt only use on ice cream? think again.

Roti Chanai Chicken - Rm15.90
This was mine for the dinner and it taste totally like a piza. Isn't sure why are they calling them as roti chanai though but it is really nice. Still couldn't compare with the German sausage.

Mushroom Soup
Oh this must the best mushroom soup i ever had in my life. It is so pure and as if i am eating a real mushroom. Forget about those mushroom in tin you can drink this all the long.

I wasn't sure what is this because i didn't get to taste it. :(

Thanks to Wingz for the picture, i managed to get this post out since my dslr was in the workshop the other day. One of the great thing to hang out with blogger is, you will be able to grab awesome picture from them and you don't need to waste your time to take every picture from your own dslr.

Some times it is really great to hang out with a bunch of blogger because i personally i don't have a group of friends that do active blogging like me. Maybe i am in Sabah or maybe they are not so many active blogger in Sabah that would do this kind of stuff.

Valentines is coming soon and this is the ultimate place for you to express your feelings to your love one. Don't worry about your wallet, you will only burn a hole once a year.

I hope i can really meet everyone of them when i get myself to KL in future.

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant
Mile 2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas, Kota Kinabalu
(opposite Kian Kok Secondary School)
Tel: 088-217249

Shin Chan


  1. Hey nice post ! I would love to read some more posts about FOOD in KK from you =)

  2. wingz : you the man!
    shelby : must try it!
    Mitchell : thank you! you should go and try it some day

  3. OMG so fast post! cham jor. I still got Kuching post haven't do not to mention KK trip. somemore food review!!!! CNY I will gambateh! =P

  4. haha! wait for you! i already do far far ahead post already. ;p man man lai lar you.