Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hidden Talent

After so many years, Denise an ex classmate and also a good friend of mine tagged me a drawing in facebook. I remember when i first meet her after first few months i gave her this drawing because she love winnie the pooh. To my astonishment i never expect her to keep this drawings until today.

To be honest it took me quite a while to remember this drawing and i was wondering who is the other person that managed to draw the way i draw.

I can't remember how i draw this picture already but i think i just follow it from a picture or something.
Someday when i am free again i hope i can draw again, i love to draw when i was younger to fill my time up.

Nobody believe knew that i can draw. :)

P/s :  i never take art class before.


  1. hahaha... go sign up in deviantART.. post your drawing there... xD

  2. eh cool.. haha.. i cant draw at all.. :P

  3. CJY one drawing i post there later got laugh!

    Ken. haha hey but you can play musical instrument!:)