Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Japan Invade Borneo

When the Japanese invaded Borneo, i wonder what are they thinking when they made this bomb. I mean come on! Are they that obsess with the shape until they had to made it into bomb shell figure?

The picture below may sparks some wild imagination so you might want to hold yourself back and buckle up just in case you laugh out loud. 

The most EPIC Bomb Shell 

Doubt no more, when i first see the left over bomb shell baby lying around on the shelf along with his comrade at Pulau Manukan, my eyebrow go The Rock style.

Shin Chan


  1. i guess they fail to penetrate and explode here in borneo. LOL fail erection probably.

  2. LOLzzz XD
    Sorry to say this, but it is funny at the first glance. Totally the rock styled eyebrow. hahahah

  3. Nature inspired? lols...and I think guys will equally enjoy this pic. it's funny. thats all...

  4. Mei tzeu : yea! next time you go pulau manukan remember to snap pic with it!

    Glow : guys would probably be jealous over this picture. HAHA