Monday, January 31, 2011

Kill Your Time This CNY

If you are boring staying at home this coming Chinese New Year i think i got the solution for you. If you are out of your Korean/Japanese/English dramas or maybe youtube video then probably you might want to check out some of the Youtube celebrities that i always watch.

Bare in mind it might not be entertaining to you but it does make a good laugh out of me, so don't complain if it doesn't make you laugh. :D

Some of you might not know what are youtube celebrities. Well they are ordinary people that had too much free time and decided to dedicate their life to make videos on youtube every week to fill our life with joy and entertain us. I got to say they are getting better and better these day with all the video editing technology around.

They are all equally good and the arrange of the video doesn't show the rating of the videos.


Two ang mo guy that make all sort of crazy stuff together. I got to say they are really creative and brave to go over the edge just to produce amazing and hilarious video.

DeStorm TV

This guy is the most creative and craziest youtube celebrities i ever watch, if there is anybody out there that is even more crazier than him let me know. He accept challenge from people and makes music video and song out of almost anything you can think of. You challenge him and he will take up the challenge and show you what he got.

Reckless Tortuga

This guy is really special, most and all of his video brings a global issue which related to racist and sexist. With the theme of Racist against Black Man 'himself', he make racism into a comedy show and make us realize the important of inter cultural mutual respect. I respect him for being so daring and this show that how open is the world these day.

Peter Chao

This bad ass mudafuker is the last person you want to mess with because he shoot almost everybody and amazingly he manage to create more and more viewers over the years. Although most of his video is far more controversial you can imagine of but it is all for the sake of entertainment. If you can't take it don't watch it. I believe most of the parent would dislike Peter Chao for his vulgar words but i think it is still depend on how you control yourself in real world. He got a hot girlfriend by the way.


Ah Freddiew had some of the most amazing special video effect i ever seen so far. He is awesome in doing special effect and best of all he also do tutorial on how did he make the video and so on. This is what i like about him. He share his skills with everybody and hopefully some day i can make a good simple special effect video just like him too.
You can see in this video he corroborated with Smosh and their gun is actually small fake gun.

Ryan Nigahiga

With a staggering 3 .5 to 4 million viewers on each video. Ryan nigahiga is really someone that you need to watch and he accept challenge from people by daring him to do something. Ladies might find him cute and interesting but i only watch his video some times. Maybe i am jealous of something. LOL


In order to favor some of the girls reader, i bring in KevJumba which is also consider cute guy by most of the girl. Most of his video are base on his daily life and what is even more awesome is his dad join him in making his video for everybody. Awesome dad i would say. If my dad knows about  me making youtube video, i gonna get whooping for real. LOL

Wong Fu Production

They are good in doing video production and i got to say they are really talented and highly self motivated guys. They really work hard to produce video weekly and some of the video really look like a good short film to me.

So guys after you watch the video you can just double click the video and go to their page in youtube.

PS :  i just got my dslr back and i am already in process of shooting some of the nice picture that i had in mind.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE! because i won't be around to blog during CNY.

Shin Chan


  1. Nice post! This is what I need man. Hahaha (Y)

  2. haha thanks and your welcome! hope you enjoying seeing them all of the video. :)

  3. haha.. rick's one is nice!
    peter chao and kev jumba are my favs too :)

  4. haha yea! rick is awesome. peter chao seems to be not so good already compare to last time. kev doesn't make much video already but still quite famous. :) Happy chinese new year man