Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mrs. Chu Soya Bean Drinks

Every Sunday you be able to catch me at Gaya Street fooling around in one of the stall in my k-mui's mum stall. Knowing them is like a second family to me and i felt bless knowing them too. I know i was suppose to make a post about their nice Soya Bean drinks for ages but i was busy with tones of things around.

I was found guilty as charge for not doing the food review earlier for them. :S

Gaya Street
It is a good experience for me to do some selling in gaya street because i get to deal with international tourist around the world and they are really friendly. I also noticed there are alot of pretty chicks walking around too. So guys do get your ass here soon and as for the girls there are some hot hunks for you too if you are lucky enough.

For your information they sell a lot of local foods and handy crafts.You need to arm yourself with good bargain sells to get a better price from the seller but sadly you can't bargain on the Soya Bean drinks from Mrs. Chu because they are very cheap and tasty too.

Now you might say that i am bias because i am writing a post for people that are close to me but i always keep myself in neutral position in writing out for foods. Personally i don't really like drinking soya beans because i always drink little bits of soya beans in it but for Mrs. Chu her Soya Bean are smooth enough to make me drink and wouldn't reject it at first taste.

They have two kinds of soya beans drinks over there, one is with none - sugar Soya Drinks and another is with sugar. Although the taste is about the same but some people would prefer without sugar because they are concern about their sensitive sugar level.

Fresh Soya Bean - RM 1.80
If you see a stall selling with soya bean it will be accompany with Taufu Fa. Basically i love taufu fa and i always got it for free every weekend whenever i am there. I am really grateful and appreciate the good treats from Mrs. Chu. I always thought it as it's like another dose of protein for my gym training. :D

Taufu Fa
I would suggest you guys to be early to Gaya Street if you want to get Taufu fa because it is always sell of early and there were a few times i didn't manage to had it because i was late to her place. Some times it even sold out at around 10.30am only. Just imagine how many people love their taufu fa.

They got taufu fa with gula melaka. There is no doubt that the taufu fa is really smooth and you can actually taste it warm because it is made freshly on the early morning around 2 - 3am until morning and straight for sell in the Sunday market. . Yes it is that fresh.

Free FOOD!
I wonder why my face look fat, could it be from the weekly dosage of protein from soya beans? -.-

Lucky fountain 
It's healthy, no preservative fresh and good for health. Personally recommended by me.

They also do mass catering for selling Soya drinks. Say you got some sport event or perhaps a bazzar then it is best to have some soya drinks over there because everybody would go for it.

Contact number: 013 - 8636902/ Mrs. Chu

Stall location Gaya street :  In front of Pizza Hut 
Opening Hour :  Early in the morning until around noon time. *depends on the day sales.

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