Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Things in my life

One more week to go and the first month of the year is going to end soon and best of all Chinese New Year is approaching fast!  Get ready your red shirts! and get red your pocket to collect all the Ang Pau that you can imagine off. Visit every single friend's house and even those stranger house too. Feed your stomach and put on some weight. Don't worry about it because you got 11 months to lose those weight away. 

My blog have to go out with or without my DSLR around and this are some of the new things that appear in my life for the first month of the year 2011.

Nike Training Shoe ZOOM
Rm185 at Grace One warehouse sale at Lintas. I had 12 pairs of shoes already and i think this is my 13th shoes? I have no idea because i lost count and some of it i throw it away already.
I like the shoe at first sight and what is even more amazing is it has a small motivation word inside the shoe.

They wrote "Explode" inside the shoe and it keep me motivate all the time when i wear the shoe for gym training. Small word brings great motivation.

Expand Your Maths 
Maths isn't that hard right after seeing this picture?

Domo Domo
The next assassin over the century. 

He helped me kao tim shirley my coursemate :D

I learned how to make pancake over at grandmum place. Now i top up my husband quality value. 

I wonder if buzz lighter would move around
Expensive toy for kids these day.

As i am getting older and older each year i felt that one month is really fast to go with. I noticed that there are alot of people are changing and i start to see how are they really like in real. Probably we always need take time to know how does a person like before we start to judge people. 

Basically i don't really judge and i accept all kinds of people around my life, but one thing i still had my principle on who i prefer to be with and who is most likely being kick out from my life.
One thing i learn from last year was, if you are not happy with something or someone you don't need to pretend to be noble and take all sort of negativity into yourself. Remove yourself and create a  new path.

In the other hand, if you love or like a person just let them know because you will never know when are those feelings going to leave or how long they are going to stay.

Shin Chan

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