Sunday, January 30, 2011

Professionalism and Neutralism

The combination of this both element can take you to another level of understand and awesomeness some times. I have been seeing countless fights and tone of wars to prepare myself to face some of the worst situation that i might be facing in future.

Believe it or not, it is so hard to hold yourself back from firing and toasting everybody if there is something bad happen. Luckily i wasn't that flammable but actually i burn myself up already, just that i didn't get to burn other yet. 

I here by declare that whatever i write in this blog represent me and myself and nobody can take it and alter the meaning of my words or misuse it to disgraces other people. Unless i quote the particular sentence the rest is mine and you need to quote and ask my permission before first and your intention of using any of my picture and sentence.

Laymen term:
Sentences : Ask for my permission or quote me
Pictures :  Ask for my permission & don't modify the watermark. 

I don't want to hear  "i don't know that i actually need to ask permission for bla bla bla shit like that", because first of all, it is a clear unwritten rules that you should always ask somebody before you take their stuff. Unless you are that smart to not know that what are unwritten rules are then i hereby write it all clear for you. ASK FIRST before you grab my sentence of picture or i will skin you alive & don't fool with me just because i don't respond actively to any comments. Once i respond it's gonna be hell for you.

Worst case scenario, never ever print screen my blog and post it as a profile picture making a big fuss over the facebook. Whoever is it, i don't know what is your intention but please you are just helping me to gain traffic over my blog and you are doing it for free. What are you thinking by the way? I don't remember paying anyone doing a free traffic drive to my blog.
Stop it and remove it, not for me but for others sake, if you got any un-finish business go settle it out face to face. 

I realize from all this incident, human are not perfect and are at fraud. Think twice before we speak from our mouth, we gone through a hardcore education here in Malaysia and if you say that you're sorry then change yourself and reflect where you  have done wrong. That's why you always see me keeping my mouth shut first for certain kind of incident and only talk after self research of it.

God make us in his image but not his personality. So i sincerely forgive everyone of you that blindly attack me with your beautiful twilight sword words. I know some of my friends are at my side and i really appreciate that and believe me, all this doesn't affect our bond at all and don't be awkward about anything of it in future, you meet a nobleman here.

 I might not be wordy these day but you wouldn't wish to see wordy post from me all the time.

It will be awesome every fight can be settle up with a good table hockey over at the game arcade. Check out how i got defeated by my friends. I think sports and games are the best way to settle everything. As quoted by Vigita a future lawyer, " actually there are alot of cases can be settle outside the court but it is because of human personality that make the court so busy these day with simple and silly stuff."

So are we all clear now? :) cool

By the way, funny speaking* i got A in English for my SPM & i am the last person you might want to say i am gay & noob.
:) and i'm might be the last person you want to make enemy with.

Shin chan

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