Thursday, January 6, 2011

Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park & Night Safari

Here are some of the pictures that i got from visiting Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park & Night Safari.

I remember i wore a very special t-shirt that day when i was there and that special t-shirt manage to captured a lot of attention from other tourist. What is even amazing was there was this American teen from Pennsylvania told me that he like my shirt in the first conversation we had.

So what was the special t-shirt what i wore for the whole day at Singapore?

Can you guys imagine me walking in the 3 park with this t-shirt all day long? 

Mostly American tourist noticed my shirt but other tourist from different country barely understand what is on the shirt.

Anyway, being at Singapore is like amazing race because i was out from the hotel at 9am and only come back home around 11pm. That is if i am with family what if i am with friends? i think i wouldn't even be sleeping for the next 48 hours straight.

I took alot of pictures but most of them hardly see the animal because my dlsr lens could not reach to them.

3 little otters. They actually performed in Singapore Zoo but when they had free time they would just stay around their area and post for us visitor. 

If you are lucky enough you can catch the animal performing around the Zoo.

Even i couldn't balance the ball off the nose.

A few years ago when i was there they got no domestic animal to do performance but now they had it by adopting those stray dog and cat around the city and trained them up into animal performer.

Highly suitable for kids and girls or maybe any dog lover.

I managed to catch the first 2 show at different place in the zoo but fail and got lost in the Zoo and was late for the 3rd show of the day which is the elephant show. It's still the same old show from the elephant.

Some of the penguins

I travel few hundred miles just to see Orang Utan which are abundant in Sabah. -.-

He was ask to stripe by those Native people.

I didn't stay long at Zoo and caught the next bus to Jurong Bird Park.

Someone told me that this picture look totally a match.

Wasn't dare enough to go near to the bird because their peak seem to be very strong and powerful to me.

This is where you can feed the bird with bird food.

The size of the bird is really big.

The view of the Pink Flamingo is really nice.

Took the owl picture because it reminds me of someone.

Next i return back to the Zoo to embark a dark journey to the Night Safari.

I didn't know Singapore Night Safari was label as the world best.

It is only open at night just like how it was and remember it is really dark inside so if you wanna go just go with a group of people.

The opening ceremony was amazing but when i heard it is from Iban, i got a another -.- look because i flew a hundred miles just to see my own place culture performed at Singapore

One thing you can never see local Iban performer in Sabah perform is the Fire Breather.

Finale of the entire performance. picture was over expose because i wasn't ready and wasn't sure how bright and how big was the flame were.

It was so dark that i had hard time taking those animal picture. I wish i had external flash.

Once a full moon it's alright to turn into wolf. I do it all the time but got tie up by my friend, that's why KK is such a peaceful place. thanks to my friend.

Besides those animals, another thing that might just capture your interest are these cute dolls. Even i myself felt like buying some and gave it to my friends that collect dolls.

You just need to be there once in your life time and that's it. I got bored when i return back there even after all these years. Maybe if you are with someone special, then probably it might be worth going again and again.

Yet again i would strong recommend you to spend those money on shopping in Singapore..

Shin Chan

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