Sunday, January 9, 2011

UMS Marine Aquarium and Museum

UMS - Unversity Malaysia Sabah is well know for his Marine Biology Science Research. Their achievement of genetically cross and created a new breed of Grouper Fish is well know around city or probably around Malaysia.

One of the best thing to be a Marine Student in UMS are they get to had their own Aquarium and Museum building to attracts student, local people and also international tourist. Although it could not compare with KLCC underworld Aquarium or Singapore Underworld Sea, but it is still fairly reasonable marina creatures to see inside the Aquarium and Museum facilities.

UMS students can move in and out freely without paying any entrance. All you need to do is to leave your student Matrix Card and you are free to go. As for the outsider , the entrance fee for adult is RM5 and children is RM3 i think. Extra free is charge for Cameras.

Student : Free
Outsider: RM5 adult, RM3 children.
Camera: Extra charge.

Opening hour: 9am - 12.30pm  / 2 - 4.30pm
Opening days: Every day except Wednesday.


Little Whale Skeleton

Brainy Coral

Flower Coral

It's really amazing to see the internal structure of a turtle. 

Moving on to the aquarium section of the museum. 

This is to show how big is the aquarium is, there are a few tank of aquarium and this is just one of it.

The nemo fish

I remember the last time when i was there at the aquarium i don't remember seeing a sea turtle in there. I wonder where did they get it.


Sea Horse

Blue Star Fish

Hello Dory!


The fishes here are seriously big and i  think if i were to cook them up they can feed me for a week. I hope the Marine students won't get offended by me because you guys got some really big and juicy fish here. If there is any BBQ session do you guys mind calling me over to have your fish? :) Just call me at School of Nutrition here, i don't mind to bbq your giant grouper fish for you guys. ;)

Hayden Chan

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