Saturday, January 22, 2011

Underwater World & Song of the Sea

I took almost 5 days to recover from the real fact that my dslr enter workshop and i had to wait at least for a month for it. Within the 5 days i know i couldn't inspire myself to write any post out from any previous trip around Singapore & Malaysia.

Luckily there is someone out there that keep me cheer up and company all the time. :) thank you

The Underwataer World Singapore is located at Sentosa Island and they held tones of marine animal in it. I think if you have been there once then it is enough already because it is almost the same from year to year. It is mainly for children attraction or for those that are first comer here.

Touch pool
Touch the sting ray pool and feed them up with the foods available around

I want his digicam
This is not fair at all, i wonder why he can go in it and grab those fishes with close up.

Remains me of someone

It is because of the light
Jelly fish doesn't have color, because of the purple lighting it turns into purple.

Angel fish
Something special about this angle fish are when  you touch their tank it is very cold. They can only be find at cold arctic sea water.

Dragon fish?

Underwater tunnel

3D shark

Right after we had our fast walk through inside the waterworld, we move to the other side of the building where they hare having Dolphin show. :D

Jumping Dolphin

Amazing timing

They can really jump higher than NBA stars.


If you are planing to stay at Sentosa island for the whole day until at night then it is best for you to catch the Performance by Song of the sea.

It was my first time watching the performance and normally it starts around 7.30 when the sun come down. They had to show in a night and another is at 8.45pm i think.

The show is no where to be found around Malaysia.

Song of the Sea


Those water, laser and pyrotechnics effects are jaw dropping and amazing. I think it is worth going there once more again the next time i go over there.

I think this is the last pending post from Singapore. I love Singapore because their environment is really cheap, shopping mall is everywhere and best of all their currency is bigger than Malaysia. Now i am considering to go over to Singapore to work in future.

Shin Chan


  1. you are so lucky to get to travel so much. jealous. >__________<

  2. haha i am just lucky you can do it too! :D