Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zero Gravity

It's the first day of year 2011 and i still felt like 2010. Something missing i guess or probably i am still in dilemma of year 2010. I just got back from a random road trip up to Kundasang and Kudat with my bunch of high school friends.

Let me tell you, there is nothing that i can describe the level of craziness when i am with my high school mates. When i say craziness it's not about taking drugs or smoking but it is what we ordinary people wouldn't do. 

With my new dslr i am taking craziness to another level and now that every single piece of crazy shit that we can do will be capture and to be remember forever. 

Like what i did at Singapore Furama Hotel. It is a ritual to perform bed jumping or bed diving moment to make sure that the bed is strong or comfy enough for us.
Now that i had Vigita my damn best friend with me, nothing is literally impossible for us. We are famous for our craziness in high school and now it got even worst.

Note :  I used timer continues shooting with 10 shoot.

High flying, adrenaline pumping and insane bed jumping moment.

When happen was when we are performing all this highly dangerous bed diving. We also surfer minor injury. My leg kick the curtain and i i accidentally kick the chair as i was landing. Vigita roll over and knock his head on the wall. My hand hits against the ceiling and i almost knock my head on the ceiling too.

I let everybody look at our picture and they wanted to try something crazy like jump picture too so i spare them my camera and this is what we got when the craziness start to spread among us.

Nobody noticed that i jump in this picture.

Vigita throw his wallet to me during the camera shoots.

Now everybody got the right timing and start to jump like us.

The ladies also wanna jump after seeing us jumping up and down like a monkey. Who say girls can't jump like a monkey too?

I achieved my highest mental state and i am ready for the year 2011. Believe or not it's going to be the year where i will achieve so many things in my life. I am ready to take myself to another level where no others had before.

If you were to ask how was the road trip in general, he would jump and show you a thumb up like this.

Forget about nice posing pictures where people do during their road trip or some beautiful scenery. I am tired of those pictures. Road trip is where you are away from home and family. Best of all nobody is watching what you are doing. As long as you know that you will be safe, you can do everything or anything you want. One thing i can't do is i can't jump my own bed because i scared i might spoil it so i jump at hotel's bed. :D

Some times i don't really like people that hold themself back even though i know they can do more than their imagination would ever bring them be.
Let yourself up and be yourself. jump or sing whenever you want if you are with your closest friend. Nobody gonna judge you when you are with them but believe me no everybody would dare to let themself out.

Shin Chan wishing you a happy new year and fight hard for what you dream for. Never ever give up